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MVP's WTF? Paranormal podcast is a different type of paranormal podcast. We cover all things paranormal: ghosts, UFOs, cryptozoology, demons, paranormal tv, paranormal technology, and even the weirdos in the paranormal (including us). And we have fun while we do it. We're taking everything into consideration using research, critical thinking, experience, and of course common sense. We're raw, uncensored, and we have a completely inappropriate sense of humor. We're disgruntled military vets...what do you expect? So grab an adult beverage, or diet coke for our listeners who are calorie conscious, sit back and enjoy. Word of warning: we use foul language. Another word of warning: Did we mention how inappropriate we can be? Last word of warning: Some episodes start off rough but they get better. So stick with the episode. Produced by YUP STUDIOS read less

The Snedeker Case: The Haunting in Connecticut - S6 E7
The Snedeker Case: The Haunting in Connecticut - S6 E7
Disclaimer/Warning: We're absolutely savage in this episode - no holds barred! This is one of our favorite cases from the Warren Files to discuss: The infamous Haunting in Connecticut case, aka The Snedeker Family Haunting. This case surrounds the Snedeker family who claimed their house was not only haunted, but that the demons also attacked them late at night...sexually.  They sought out the help of Ed and Lorraine Warren, who rated this haunt only a 9 out of 10, though.  We lose all sense of decorum and tact in this episode as we discuss the facts of the case as well as possible ulterior motives. Mell and Chris take the gloves off in this episode!  If you haven't seen their interview on the Sally Jesse Raphael show, we've included the link below for you along with links to additional resources. After you're done listening, what do you think? Links: Sally Jesse Raphael appearance: Current Affair interview: Warren interview (2009): Paranormal Scholar's research: for Inquiry: Magazine (includes interview of Ray Garton): Magazine article: the show