Eric Nies | Plant Medicine

Spiritual Dope

18-07-2021 • 31 mins

Hung out with Eric Nies on this episode to better understand his journey and a bit more about plant medicine as well as our connection to the self!

A little bit about Eric:

Eric Nies is best known as the teen idol from MTV’s “The Real World/New York,” the first ever reality show launched in 1992, and the host of one of the world’s most watched dance program, “MTV’s The Grind,” viewed in over 90 million homes around the world. “MTV’s The Grind” became so popular that Eric released “The Grind Workout” a multi-platinum video series. For the following 10 years, Eric made numerous appearances on talk shows, MTV programs including “Real World Challenges,” movies, as well as appeared in magazines and advertising campaigns. As one of reality television’s biggest stars, Eric was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame as one of the “Pioneers of Reality Television.” Throughout his career, Eric’s greatest passion has been to help people, children, and the planet. He has started numerous organizations, movements, and projects to help build awareness for health and well-being for all life on earth.

Connect and follow Eric's journey over at his website: https://iamericnies.com/ as well as on instagram @ericnies333

Brandon Handley 0:41
Hey there spiritual dope. I am on there today with Eric nice, Eric has a he's got what I would call like, you went through like this kind of like a fame addiction, right? Like the fame tunnel kind of came out of that back in the day with a you know, empty V's real world, one of the you know, one of if not the first kind of reality TV show that was going on out there. But since then, you have taken this just incredible journey into like, the spiritual realm, all the way from like, you know, the Korean martial arts masters through like, you know, you've got your hooked up down there in Peru, right with some of these some medicinal practices, Native American practices, and like, these things are super exciting. And he's really glad to have you on here today,

Eric Nies 1:36
man. Yes, thank you very much for having me. Sure.

Brandon Handley 1:40
So one of the things that I always start this podcast off with is the idea is that we're vessels for source, right. And that source is kind of flowing through us at all time. And the idea is that somebody listened to this podcast today. And like I told you, like, so you're gonna change somebody's life today, just by showing up. Eric, right by being on this podcast. And there's a certain message is coming through you that can only be delivered through you to that person. What would you say that messages today?

Eric Nies 2:12
acceptance. Total acceptance of yourself. Unconditional Love of yourself, relationship that you have with yourself is probably the most important thing in somebody's life. Yeah.

Brandon Handley 2:31
What would you say? The that journey kind of look like for yourself? getting to that point?

Eric Nies 2:37
Oh, wow. It's been many, many years. And I've been on a spiritual journey, probably for about 30 years of my life, starting, you know, hero's journey, for me, you know, that just going through many valleys of darkness. Going into these places, you know, into the shadow and into the ego and into the fears and the judgments and the insecurities and all those things that we carry around, you know, with us and, you know, to just go in into the darkness to be able to come out in the lake. I think that's what, you know, my journey pretty much has been all about. Now, for sure, would you

Brandon Handley 3:27
happen to have like, any moment where you feel like you really grasped onto the idea of self acceptance?

Eric Nies 3:34
for yourself, I've had many, many, many moments. Yeah.

Probably about 10 years working with iwoca, and mushrooms. With the passing of meditation, just really wanting to understand how to liberate the soul from from its own suffering. But it wasn't until I started looking into the depths of ancestral lineage programming, and going back into my past lives, to understand you know, why I feel the way that I feel today? What What is, what is my life mean? What, what is the purpose of my life? Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Now? What's the bigger picture of why we're here on planet Earth? I don't think many people really have an understanding of, of why we're here. I think you know, that that question lingers in every human's mind. You know, why are Why are we here? You know, who am I? Sure, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 4:55
What's your answer so far? What have you landed on to this point?

Eric Nies 5:00
I think we're all part of a grand experiment between light and dark, kind of like a game. I think it's, you know, it's an experiment that's been going on for a long, long, long time. And I think darkness has has won most of the time, and I believe that there's been resets, you know, I think that's why we see, you know, ancient remnants of ancient civilizations. And so, yeah, I just think it's a game, and how, and how do you play the game is really what it's all about? Sure. So

Brandon Handley 5:38
like, kind of the idea of you are the creator, almost of the game that you're playing? would you would you put it like, into that term?

Eric Nies 5:46
Absolutely. Okay. I mean, we are, you know, we're infinite potential creators, we're obviously creators, because we can create another life. So we're constantly, you know, creating the life that that we're experiencing. Right? So yeah, for sure. We're creators.

Brandon Handley 6:07
And we say, like, kind of a reset you thinking like matrix resets? type deal?

Eric Nies 6:12
I think of, you know, yeah, entire reset of a civilization, you know, looking back to Egypt and Atlantis and the Maria and all these ancient civilizations that were, you know, thriving at one point or another, right, but something happened. And now, where did they go? Right, like,

Brandon Handley 6:33
just the total reset there, um, the, the Grandmaster that you hope hooked up with. And for those of you tuning in, I would recommend just kind of go to, I'm Eric nice and read some more of his story, because I'm gonna, we only have 30 minutes. So I'm gonna dig into some of the questions I've got about your story. Right? So when you hung out with the Grand Master, then this is just more tongue in cheek than not, but like, Did he give you an answer for the pyramids?

Eric Nies 7:01
That's a great question. Yes. What did he say?

Brandon Handley 7:06
Yeah, what was the answer on that one?

Eric Nies 7:09
I mean, they moved. A lot of, you know, ancient civilizations such as Egypt. Their minds were very, very powerful. You know, and we're talking about an infinite possibility of consciousness. You know, we do we kind of live in a society, and in a world now where we're actually accessing that very, very small amounts of of that and actually utilizing consciousness. You know, or not utilizing consciousness the way that it it actually could be used. But yeah, my grand master was, was really profound, he could do things that would just blow your mind.

Brandon Handley 8:00
Very hard to believe. And I let me I love that story, too. Because it makes like, I'm like, that just seems like the ultimate experience. I mean, like, I've watched a lot of Kung Fu, but I never got to have that experience. Like, you know, where the guy goes and gets to stay with the Grandmaster. And like, you did the things that are like, truly like Moody, yes, but this was like, that was your life, and it was legit. And I think that that, like, really cool. So you've been on this journey? I mean, you know, 20, almost 30 years now. Right? Um, one of the things that I think is really cool is that you're using some of this plant based medicine to help people with their addiction recovery. Could you walk me through what that might look like? If I came up to him like, hey, Eric, I'm ready. I'm ready to kick the habit. Let's go on this journey. Can you tell me a little bit about what that may look like?

Eric Nies 8:44
Yeah, sure. Well, I mean, on the physical level, if you have to, obviously detox the physical body, from the chemicals and the drugs, that person's using in those things, they come with a heaviness, a frequency and a vibration that is much heavier. You know, then you are in your air, fire, water and earth, Earth shoot Earth suit. You know, so on the physical side of things, you have to go through a very deep detox, you know, once we go through the physical part of it, and then we get into the emotional and psychological reasons for why you are addicted. Where does that come from? What's the root cause of your addiction? And so then that gets into the subconscious mind that gets into your childhood that gets into traumas, and all different things that have happened to you not only in this life, but in your past lives. Understand why you behave the way that you behave. And we look at the emotional content of your behavior. Why do you behave the way that you behave? And are your emotions controlling you? Or are you controlling your emotions? And so then you have the physical, the emotional and the psychological and the bring them all together, and it becomes a spiritual journey. But the real understanding is, you know, ancestral lineage programming, you know, how were you imprinted and program from these behavior patterns from your family?

Brandon Handley 10:33
And you do like you say, you kind of you kind of goes down like this quantum cellular reprogramming level. Can you talk a little bit more, share a little bit more about what that's like? And you know, what goes into that?

Eric Nies 10:47
You're talking about quantum cellular, I think you're talking about the cyber

Brandon Handley 10:51
skin. Is that is that what I'm talking about? Because Yeah, there it is the quantum cellular balancing. Right? Yes, about that.

Eric Nies 10:57
That's a Tesla technology. That was a device that was created by a German physicist that uses, you know, quantum quantum physics to to help to heal the body. But that that's outside.

Brandon Handley 11:12
Yeah, sorry. That's outside of the addiction recovery. Like that's something separate from that.

Eric Nies 11:17
Yeah, that that that was a business that I was a part of, of my business, I would use it sometimes for rehabilitation, but it's not really necessary. The real key is getting to the root cause of the issue. Once you find the root cause of the issue, then the addiction is over. Right. Now, what about

Brandon Handley 11:41
plant medicine involved? The Addiction Recovery? Is that a part of the process as well?

Eric Nies 11:48
Yeah, can be amid the program that I created, which is called the beauty way, which I've been using for about 15 years. Plant medicine is not a part of that. But in some cases, if there's a lot of resistance, and they need to, like break through the different things that are happening with the individual plant medicine could be very, very beneficial. Like I was gonna actually does the work for you. So my program would be bringing somebody into the desert for three to four weeks. It's it's all natural superfoods breath, work, grounding, meditation, you know, really diving into, you know, that person's childhood. But with Iosco you just drink Iosco, what I call the rails. Yeah, hold the rails and attend the shows everything.

Brandon Handley 12:46
You fair fair enough. Yeah. Um, you know, one of the things that I think, you know, I read your documentary, and I listened to something you were doing last year doing this, you know, taking in this plant medicine, right? He's, I think it was like three, three plants that you were you know, getting to know, right, you had to know me no loud music, no sex with yourself or anybody else. Like I mean, is that journey complete? Where are you at in that process?

Eric Nies 13:16
Um, yeah, that's a data that I was on for about a year you diet these specific plants, either for healing or for the transfer of knowledge. But yeah, my my idea to is it's close since then.

Brandon Handley 13:35
would you would you mind sharing Would you be able to share the plants that you can you did the journey with and what some of the takeaways were with that?

Eric Nies 13:43
Yeah, absolutely. The the first two that I dieted for eight months was run Akita and swell the can swelled up, and when Akita is, is actually a tree, and it assists you with rage and anger and swell the welder is a plant and that's more for a heart opener also swelled as well the console is used to help heal your, your skeletal structure. So I had issues with my spine, I had a couple of slipped slipped discs that I that I wanted to work on and so they suggested swell that can swell the for that and then read Akita was for rage and anger that I was holding on to from traumas in my childhood. And morosa is the third plant that I diet and she's considered the queen of the aquatic kingdom. And she she's more of a heart opener as well. She's very beautiful and loving and kind and so my process was to heal from the traumas in my life and the plants helped me to do that. And that At the same time, they helped me to open up my heart and to, you know, walk a life of beauty and unconditional love with no judgment.

Brandon Handley 15:13
I think that's really cool. I think that first one, the rage release or one, I think that needs to be sold like in bulk right across, like, across the country, right? I think we could all use a little bit of that. And I want to kind of flip back to, right before you got into this space, you know, as you were doing like a bunch of book club and and, you know, the club music accuracy and all this other stuff. You know, seems like back in the early mid 90s. I was in the same scene, right? Similar scene, you were you were leading the scene. I was like, you know, showing up? But like, do you would you attribute any kind of like, you know, the music or any of like, the interaction it that time and space in place to get you to where you are today? Because I think, you know, Oh, yeah, yeah, if you're part of like any of the rave culture or anything like that, that was going on, it was all about like some of this stuff that we're talking about right now.

Eric Nies 16:16
I've had some incredible experiences in the club scene with ecstasy and ketamine and mushrooms and and all that. I mean, yes, I was still in a deep house said. So my vibe is more deep soulful house music. But if you are familiar with deep soulful house music and the where that originated from, you know, came from basically from churches in Chicago. And so very deep spirit, as a very deep spiritual side to the type of house music that I listened to. Right. And the messages are very, very spiritual. So it it assisted me keeping me alive and almost killing me at the same time, but the messages in the music really inspired me and opened up my mind to go on my spiritual journey. Yeah, so

Brandon Handley 17:23
the curious about that, right. Because I agree with you, there's that there's that whole soulful, you know, vocal house music fan myself, right. And the messaging like you're talking about, it's like, it's uplifting, it's soulful. And you know, if I can dance it out a little bit, like, I'm okay with that at the end of the day, right? versus like, I don't know, some of the other messages that you get from somebody. So just it was just curiosity piece. Um, so the last kind of part of your documentary left us with you getting connected with this like Angel guy, right. And just kind of like this felt like there was a felt like, there was a cusp of transcendence happening right there. We want to talk a little bit about, you know, where we left off, and Eric nice documentary online, and, you know, kind of what's happened after that?

Eric Nies 18:16
Yeah, that's it, that guy's from Australia. And he mastered john, he communicates with angels. And I, a friend of mine invited me to go to his event. And I went, and then at the end of the event, they just by choice, they choose a couple of people that can go sit with him. And, yeah, just by chance, he, he chose me, and I can't really remember exactly, he was, it was just, I get a lot of confirmation, you know, intuitively, being on a spiritual journey, I have a lot of psychics and a caustic readers and mediums and grandmasters and shamans. And, you know, my life is just really about angels and demons. And so I get little bits of information about my life, about my path and my purpose and all those things, you know, year after year after year after year. So he was just another another guy, another healer that came into my life that was you know, reaffirming and confirming, you know, a lot of things that happened to me in my life, and from my life purpose.

Brandon Handley 19:42
I gotcha. So, as I'm kind of reading your story, I'm thinking of like you mentioned, Joseph Campbell's like, you know, the, the hero's journey right earlier. I'm thinking of like, you know, also just kind of surrendering yourself right to whatever kind of comes your way Way, has that been a big part of what you've done? Just kind of surrender to it and follow your bliss?

Eric Nies 20:08
Oh, absolutely. I mean, really, at the end of the day of the hero's journey, you put all of your trust into source into God, and trust that, you know, your soul, set things up a certain way. And by, you know, surrendering, you know, you, you actually can make your life a whole lot easier and a lot more magical. If you just get out of the way.

Brandon Handley 20:40
For sure. Absolutely.

Eric Nies 20:42
I mean, that's really the biggest problem for most is the mind getting in the way, and creating judgment, creating these stories that are not even real. So, you know, identifying your fears and your judgments, and being able to work through those and heal your you know, heal the inner child is the like the first step, but my path has been, you know, healing my ancestral lineage. So this goes back 1000s of years.

Brandon Handley 21:20
Like, very, if you were gonna describe somebody to somebody like what it means to heal your ancestral lineage, what would you say?

Eric Nies 21:33
Yes, so, you know, you're talking about your ancestors, you're talking about, you know, program, right, we're talking about behavioral programming, that gets passed down from one generation to the next, to the next to the next to the next, and it just keeps on going. So you know, the different behavioral programs that we inherit, from our ancestors, there's different types of behavior patterns. You know, a lot of us most, you know, we all we all deal with abuse on, you know, one level or another, whether it's physical abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, or even spiritual abuse. And so this has been going on for 1000s and 1000s, of 1000s of years, here on this planet, you know, this, this planet is really a slave planet, to fear and judgment. But, you know, fear is something that we create, in our own minds, it's actually not real, it's an illusion. It's like the great illusion. And it's what keeps all of us collectively and consciously slaves to something that isn't even real. And this is, this is what the whole experience is about. So, ancestral lineage, healing, and the liberation of the soul. This is something that Jesus and Buddha spoke about. And it's their teachings that were left behind. You know, Buddha and Jesus both realize how to liberate themselves, from their own suffering. And what that looks like, is basically objective observation of the sensations or the suppressed emotion that are in your body. So if you can objectively look at yourself without judging yourself and without clinging to some blissful experience, and not judging, some gross experience, you can find the middle lane which Buddha, coining probably the word I think this word probably came from Buddha, which is equanimity, you know, to live your life economist and find the middle lane. You know, then you can find yourself in a very peaceful and harmonious place with yourself, and with nature, and humanity and the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom, and everything that exists here on planet Earth. And so the reason why you want to do that is because we live on a planet of duality. You have negative and you have positive energy here. Well, you don't want to go too far into the negative and you don't want to go too far into the positive because both can bring suffering. You want to find the middle lane, the quantumness Lane. And based off of my own personal experience, you know, this is just based off of what I've experienced in my own life. This isn't about reading a book or, you know, somebody else's teaching when working with plant medicine, and also working with possum, meditation, you know, that's where I've gone within myself personal was to look at the vibrations and the frequencies of the experiences that I've had in my life that my physical body hold on to energetically. But these, these, these, these frequencies in these energies, if they're not, if they're not in harmony and imbalance with air, fire, water and earth,

then they cause a disruption in your personal field. And then that can come with anxiety, depression, you know, where the physical body feels uncomfortable. But what Buddha experienced was the liberation of that, the release of all of that energy, not just from this life, but from your past lives. Because you bring that energy with you, your soul, your soul carries information, and frequency, and energy and vibration with it from one life to the next to the next to the next to the next. And it's also within your DNA. So that's ancestral lineage, healing, it's healing and transforming the energy of your lineage that is passed down from generation, the generation generation.

Brandon Handley 26:52
Awesome. So that means is, you know, just thinking like you're talking about, like, all these kind of like, energies come mishmash, together throughout time, I'm just thinking like, a messy ball a string, right? That you just got to spend time to undo right and, and loosen it up. So there's not a big, big old tangled mess. You know, thanks for thanks for sharing that. What is like something that you haven't been able to share out on a podcast or a platform that you've just been wanting to share out

Eric Nies 27:22
about that at all. I'm completely transparent with my life and all my experiences. vulnerability is my best friend. You know, I'm just here to be transparent, and to be fearless in my expression of everything that's happened to me, in my life. You know, if you look on my website, and you read my story, then you can see obviously, that I'm not shy about sharing everything that I've experienced. Now for sharing,

Brandon Handley 27:53
you've definitely shared some stuff understanding

Eric Nies 27:55
is that transparency and vulnerability is going to liberation.

Brandon Handley 28:02
Nice. The so what's next for you? Eric? I know you were talking about doing a healing temple sounds like you finished up with this. The plant journey what's what's next on dock for you?

Eric Nies 28:18
Yeah, I'm working on a book right now. And a second book coming through and earthkeeper book connecting with the people to create our temple you know, guiding people and assisting people sharing information with other people to help them to understand how to liberate themselves from their own suffering, and just exploring and journey around the world to share this information.

Brandon Handley 28:47
That's fantastic. That's awesome. Who should be reaching out to your click? I mean, are you do you know, what type of work are you doing right now and who should be reaching out to you?

Eric Nies 29:00
what people should be reaching out

Brandon Handley 29:02
like if they wanted if they want to work with you, are you still doing are you still doing like Addiction Recovery? Are you you know, saw your coaching So what kind of

Eric Nies 29:14
I am Yeah, I'm actually I'm going to be hosting a retreat here and in peace, AK and the sacred valley of Peru at the end of July. And yeah, anybody that's interested in healing and transforming their lives, wanting to understand how to liberate themselves from their own suffering. Anybody the whole World Fair enough. Fair enough. The

Brandon Handley 29:41
whole world's invited so wish we send everybody to connect with you where I am Eric nice, calm. Where else?

Eric Nies 29:51
Yeah, I am Eric. Nice, calm and then also my I got an Instagram channel into Derek. Nice. I think it's there. Nice. Three, three. Three from not mistaken. But yeah, pretty much Graham and also Facebook. I got a Facebook channel where I've taken, I got about 1515 years of footage. And we just finished documenting two weeks here in Peru with an Iowa Oscar retreat. And all of that is going to be available on my Facebook page on my fan page. Yeah, it's

Brandon Handley 30:35
awesome. Now that's pretty that's pretty, pretty intense. 15 years and then, you know, just this past couple weeks of Iosco well look man, I just want to say thanks for taking the time for showing up today. And you doing what you're doing, I think, opens it up for a lot of other people like your vulnerability, your journey, kind of what's possible if you do follow your bliss and being able to have a wonderful life if you kind of surrender to it the way that you have.

Eric Nies 31:08
Yeah, brother. Well, thank you very much for having me, Brandon and many blessings for you and your family on your journey. And I look forward to seeing what magic you create in your life. Appreciate it.

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