EP. 445: Provo Rodeo

The Baller Lifestyle Podcast

26-10-2022 • 1 hr 32 mins

Brian and Ed discuss armpit herpes, Malcom in the Middle, Magnum PI, Kobe Bryant reserving restaurant seats for the "Mamba Mentality," Shakira gets her name on ex-husband's Barcelona jersey, Washington Commanders' raffle prize check bounces, Hans Niemann sues Magnus Carlsen, Steve Sarkisian apologizes for not singing "The Eyes of Texas," Antonio Brown ordered to pay mover that he assaulted $1.2 million, Arizona GOP candidate caught masturbating outside of preschool, Indiana school board candidate says "all nazis weren't bad," Conan O'Brien once fired a crew member for being rude to a waiter, James Corden lies about restaurant ban, Yung Joc, Bono and more.

*a comedy podcast about sports, pop culture, movies and dicks*

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