EP. 431: Homie Hopper

The Baller Lifestyle Podcast

20-07-2022 • 1 hr 32 mins

Brian Beckner and "Ed" Daly discuss loud hotel sex, #TheLifestyle, stonefruits, the two-handed bowling epidemic, Ozzie Guillen vs. Jon Heyman #hugetits, Zach Wilson's mom, Jake "The Snake" Plummer: mushroom farmer, Adam Schefter is a huge loser, Houston baseball coach/cop assaults kids, Brian got deeked by a crafty 9-year-old, Juicy Lucys, did Ivana Trump get "Staircased," Bigfoot, Armie Hammer selling timeshares, Penn Badgley, Elon Musk, Beastie Boys Square and death by Jagermeister.

*a comedy podcast about sports, pop culture, movies and dicks*

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