EP476: Scale to 7 Figures with Deep Niching

Power + Presence + Position

23-11-2021 • 25 mins

Niching is a deceptively simple business tool that everybody thinks they know. People think they are niched down enough, but in reality, they are not as focused as they need to be to scale from six figures to seven.

If you want to pass that million dollar mark, you need to be practicing the art of deep niching. This is not simply narrowing down your ideal clients and your specific slice of the market you serve. Deep niching is so much more nuanced and complex, and it is the key to going big.

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Women CEOs come to us often at Safi Media feeling overworked, overwhelmed, exhausted, and unsure of where to go next. They’ve created amazing six-figure businesses, and they don’t know how they could work any harder. What I tell them is it’s not about working harder, it’s about working with more focus.

In this episode, I share the incredible power of deep niching and how this learned skill can help you scale your business past seven figures. Find out the three aspects of deep niching, why you need to embrace vulnerability if you want to scale, and how we help our clients master this skill. If you want to scale your business without scaling the headaches and exhaustion, listen in.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • What deep niching is.
  • How my client used deep niching to scale from six to seven figures in one year.
  • Why you have to become vulnerable in order to scale.
  • How to practice deep niching.
  • The key to scaling quality service delivery.
  • What the halo effect is.

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