Katie McCrindle : Creating Safe and Brave Spaces

The Thick of It with Jo Gale

10-11-2021 • 51 mins

Today on the show, I’m so excited to have Katie McCrindle on as my guest t. Katie McCrindle (she/they) is a Body Liberation Counsellor, Registered Social Worker and Fat Activist who lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario. She identifies as fat as a way of reclaiming the word and situating herself in a political identity. She believes that every body is inherently worthy, and those whose bodies are considered “larger” deserve to proudly take up space in this society which is both overtly and insidiously fat-phobic. Katie is passionate about body/fat liberation and about creating fat community, both online and off, and believes that the body holds wisdom if you can figure out how to listen. Katie loves weird dancing, being in nature, and cuddling with her cat, Luna.

Katie and I met in 2019 and began working collaboratively to form the Be Abundant workshop series, which was a size exclusive space for folks in bigger/ps/fat bodies. For us, creating that network and community was a big way for us to step into our work feeling more confident in what we had to offer in the world of body liberation.

In this episode Katie and I discuss Fat activism and the co-opting of the term “body positive”, we walk about size exclusive spaces and community creation and Body Image feelings in the “re-opening”world.

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