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12-01-2022 • 54 mins

This week, Jordan Carrier is on the show: and her insights and stories are truly a balm for these hard, tense days we are going though in early 2022. In this conversation we talk about: the importance of Language for Indigenous communities, her experience growing up in Saskatchewan and then moving to Hamilton, Community and Ceremony and actions people can take to be true allies to Indigenous folks in the countries they live in.

A bit about Jordan in her words: Jordan Carrier a nêhiyaw-iskwêw (Plains Cree Woman), who has lived in Hamilton since 2002. Born and raised in Regina, SK and a member of Piapot First Nation. She is a mom to twin 13-year-olds Mahingan & Nikik. She is a sister, friend, daughter and community Auntie. She has a Diploma from Mohawk College in Native Community Care, Bachelor of Education in Aboriginal Adult Education from Brock University and is currently completing a second degree (Hons BA) in Indigenous Studies at McMaster University. She has worked within the Urban Indigenous Community of Hamilton for 16 years at various organizations, such as De dwa da dehs nye>s Aboriginal Health Centre, Niwasa, and Indigenous Student Services at McMaster. During the summer of 2021 Jordan worked with grassroots folks in the community to create space for grief, ceremony and learning as unmarked graves of Indigenous children were being found across the lands now known as Canada.

I myself learned so much from this conversation, and I hope you do too. Interested in connecting with Jordan?

Follow her on Instagram at : @mzz.j0rdan

I wanted to say thank you again to Jordan for taking time to chat with me.

Jordan is also a Raven Read ambassador, Raven Reads is an Indigenous subscription box that features award-winning Indigenous content and literature direct to your door step every three months. You can check that out at

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